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        Tara Staley, owner, founder and lead planner of Clover Hill Events.

Tara has been planning weddings and events for 7 years.
  She finds weddings completely magical, from the creativity they allow to the surprise of the unknown even though every minute is planned. Whether a wedding is a day that has been thought about since childhood or planning began right after the engagement, weddings are a fun representation of each couple . Tara loves to show her passion through design and a serious focus on allowing clients to be fully present in the moment on their big day.  To Tara it is a  complete honor to help each of her clients on their event planning journey and help represent their love and style in unique ways. 

As a planner, her goal is to alleviate planning stress and possible frustration that can occur during the planning process. Her hope is to create an environment in which you can laugh, enjoy and feel inspired.  And her mission is to make every wedding and event a true reflection of the couple.  

Originally from NJ (you can take the girl out of NJ but you can not take the NJ out of the girl! LOL!, so true by the way!) but has lived in No. VA for 15 years. She has an amazingly supportive husband whom you may see hauling some heavy decor on your event day and two incredible kids, plus 2 dogs and 2 bunnies! In her spare time (what's that!) she loves being outside whether it is hiking, gardening or just laying in the grass.  She also enjoys a glass of wine, ok multiple glasses of wine, trying out new restaurants and or pizza and chillin on the couch! 

Sarah photo.heic

Sarah Nazionale Associate Planner


Sarah was born and raised in Buffalo NY, GO BILLS!  A fulltime 4th grade teacher, Sarah is committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for her kids. With a strongly rooted belief that all children have the potential to succeed she shows up every day and helps them feel valued and supported. Sarah has a background in visual merchandising for White House Black Market, Lucky Brand and Athleta.  Her attention to detail and organization are unparalleled. She is committed to helping create unforgettable experiences for her clients and a lasting impression for all. Committed to making each event run smoothly and beautifully.


Sarah has been an associate planner for Clover Hill Events for 3 years, as well she has assisted other influential event planners in the Loudoun County area from small intimate weddings to large multi-day celebrations.  Sarah is one of the hardest workers you will meet and always down for a meet up and a good laugh!


In her free time, she loves spending it with her husband, family and friends and reading and exploring new places around VA. If you see her around, make sure you say hello!

        Jen Ocheltree, In House Florist and Event Coordinator

Originally from LA, now a full fledge Leesburgtonian, Professional background as a pastry chef and baker, now having fun in the front of the house crushing it in florals and all around badass designer. Passionate about making inspirations into realities, scouring the internet and getting inspired by Martha Stewart magazines. In her spare time if she isn’t in her garden or obsessively watching every season of the Real Housewives, she loves being cozy at home watching movies with her husband, two kids, dogs and usually a canned cocktail or two! Lover of her two weiner dogs and her lovingly called foster fail beagle mix who is beyond spoiled! 

Jen is new to Clover Hill but already making quite a splash, her eye for design is impeccable, her talent shines and she brings the laughs! We love having Jen a part of our team and love watching her grow in her new roles here at Clover Hill!

Jordan Hoffman Head Coordinator


Picture this, Vermont in February, a huge snowstorm hits the night before your wedding, 4 feet of fresh snow has fallen.  Guests stuck at the airport, some stuck in their driveways or went off the road, talk about stress! Well, this story was Jordans parents wedding story and a story that reminds Jordan everyday how important proper planning and back up plans are! LOL! Jordan born and raised in Vermont never planned to be a wedding coordinator but fell into it and has loved it ever since. Her planning experiences started while a college intern and has experience back of house in catering.  A college Rugby player where her position was actually called a “Hooker”, yes, I’m serious, taught her what teamwork is all about, that working towards a common goal, in partnership will always be better than working alone. Jordan is such a gentle soul and a true calming force to all her clients.  She has over 10 years of wedding experience and loves the thrill of a wedding and thrives on problem solving and making game time decisions.

When she isn’t taken care of her sweet little two-year-old daughter or her 3 dogs, she is in the kitchen cooking big ol’ Italian family style meals! With her passion for events and dedication to creating beautiful weddings with a focus on attention to details, Jordan is a huge asset to the Clover Hill Team and we love watching her shine!

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