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Hello, welcome!

I am Tara Staley, owner and lead planner of Clover Hill Events and I am so happy you are here!  In 2017 my journey began in the wedding world, and I had no idea where it would end up. With a lifelong love of weddings and the reality that I could be a part of them, I created Clover Hill Events. 

I find weddings completely magical. From the creativity they allow to the surprise of the unknown even though every minute is planned. Whether a wedding  it is a day that has been thought about since childhood or planning began after the engagement, weddings are a representation of the love the couple have for one another.  I feel honored to help each of my clients represent that love in unique ways. 

As a planner, my goal is to alleviate planning stress and possible frustration that can occur during the planning process. My hope is to create an environment in which we can laugh, enjoy and feel inspired.  And my mission is to make every wedding and event a true reflection of love and creativity. 

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